Kersti Viccari Pilates Terms and Conditions – TCG-2024.01.28

1. Memberships
1.1  These are purchased using Gymcatch. They are billed monthly in 12 equal payments over one year. The membership starts on the day you purchase it. e.g. If you join on the 5th of a month then you will be billed monthly on the 5th of each subsequent month.

2. Gold Membership
2.1  This entitles you to 47 classes over 12 months, averaging 1 class per week. The flexibility to book up to 7 classes in a month is intended to allow you to take more classes around holidays or other absences.

2.2  If you are regularly taking more than 1 class per week I will ask you to move to the Platinum membership. There are limited spaces in each class & they are booked on a First Come First Served Basis.

2.3  You are entitled to unlimited zoom and recorded classes.

3. Platinum Membership
3.1. This entitles you to unlimited classes. You have the flexibility to attend as many classes as you like providing there is space in a class. There are limited spaces in each class & they are booked on a First Come First Served Basis.

3.2.  You are entitled to unlimited zoom and recorded classes.

4. Changing or Cancelling Membership
Contact me to cancel your membership at

4.1  Following the end of your first month, two weeks’ notice is required.

4.2  Contact me to change to a different type of membership. 

5. Class Bookings
5.1  Book your classes using Gymcatch once you have purchased your membership. 

5.2  Bookings are not transferrable to another person.

5.3. You may amend your class bookings as follows:

a) 12 hours’ notice is required to cancel a class. In this case the class will be credited to your membership. You can then rebook a different class to suit. With less than 12 hours’ notice you will not receive a credit.

b)  If a class is fully booked there will be a waiting list. If a space becomes available, Gymcatch will notify those on the list. The space is then available to book on a First Come First Served basis.

I do understand that emergencies happen, please contact me if this is the case.

6. Class Schedule
6.1  There will be a maximum of 47 weeks of classes in a calendar year. 

6.2  There will be a minimum of 45 weeks of classes in a calendar year (unless there are exceptional circumstances) Classes may be covered by another instructor.

6.3  The class schedule is published on Gymcatch.

7. Money Back Guarantee
7.1  Following a Free Taster Class, I understand that you might not be sure that I can help you. Therefore, if after attending ALL your classes in your first month of membership you do not feel the benefit I will refund your first months fee.

8. Your Health and Wellbeing
8.1  I take your wellbeing seriously, and it is one of my requirements (and a requirement of my insurance company) that you complete a Pilates Health and Consent Questionnaire before your first class with me. This enables me to deliver a safe and effective class to you.

Subsequently, I’ll ask you to complete a fresh form at the start of each calendar year. Again, it’s essential that you complete this form. Without your completed form, I am unable to allow you to attend class since this invalidates my insurance. 

8.2 If there is any change to your health at any point during the year, please contact me at I may ask you to complete a new form at that time, or to provide confirmation from your physician or specialist that you are re cleared to exercise. Please see the section below regarding Your Data and GDPR for more information about how I store and keep your data.

9. Your data and GDPR
9.1  I only use and share your information where it’s essential for Kersti Viccari Pilates to provide services.

9.2  My insurer requires me to hold a copy of all Health Questionnaire forms for seven years. This is stored securely on Google Docs which complies with GDPR. At the end of seven years, these forms are deleted.

9.3  When you book for the first time, your email address is taken so that we can easily communicate about the booking of your first class. This information is stored by my booking system Gymcatch, on my behalf. Gymcatch also complies with GDPR. I regularly audit the data held on Gymcatch and remove the data of non-current clients.

9.4  I also store your name and email address on my mail delivery system, Mailerite,  so that I can continue to advise you about changes to classes etc. 

9.5. You are free to unsubscribe at any time. If you cancel your membership with me, you will remain on my mailing list and will continue to receive communications from me until you choose to unsubscribe.

9.6. At the time that you unsubscribe, your personal data will be archived, and you will not be contacted again.


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