Participant Agreement Terms and Conditions for Pilates 4-Week Beginner Course. TC4BC-2023.12.01

1. Booking and Registration:
1.1 All bookings for the 4-week beginners course must be made exclusively through Gymcatch

2. Course Fees:
2.1 The course fee is non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances, and any request for a refund will be at the sole discretion of Kersti Viccari Pilates (KV Pilates).

3. Exceptional Circumstances:
3.1 Refund requests due to exceptional circumstances must be submitted in writing to KV Pilates.
3.2 KV Pilates reserves the right to evaluate and determine the eligibility of refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

4. Class Attendance:
4.1 Participants are expected to attend all scheduled classes of the 4-week beginners course.
4.2 In the event a participant cannot attend a class, it is at the discretion of KV Pilates to offer an alternative class, which may be held at a different venue.

5. Alterations and Cancellations:
5.1 KV Pilates reserves the right to alter the schedule, content, or location of any class in the 4-week beginners course.
5.2 In the event of a class cancellation, KV Pilates will make reasonable efforts to offer an alternative class or suitable compensation.

6. Health and Safety:
6.1 Participants are responsible for informing KV Pilates of any health conditions or concerns that may affect their ability to participate in the course.
6.2 KV Pilates reserves the right to refuse participation to individuals who may pose a risk to themselves or others during the course.

7. Liability:
7.1 Participants acknowledge that participation in the course involves physical activity, and they assume all risks associated with such activities.
7.2 KV Pilates will not be held liable for any injuries or damages incurred during the course as a result of personal inattentiveness.

8. Code of Conduct:
8.1 Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner towards instructors and fellow participants.
8.2 KV Pilates reserves the right to terminate the participation of any individual who violates the code of conduct without offering a refund.

9. Intellectual Property:
9.1 All course materials and content provided by KV Pilates are the intellectual property of KV Pilates and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written consent.

10. Contact Information:
10.1 For any inquiries or concerns related to the 4-week beginners course, participants can contact KV Pilates via

By enrolling in the 4-week beginners course, participants acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. KV Pilates reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions as needed, and participants will be notified of any changes.


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